Congatec AG
conga-SBM3/Qseven-Mobility Starter Kit

conga-SBM3/Qseven-Mobility Starter Kit



  • Qseven Mini Carrier Board
  • conga-QAF module
  • Adapter board to battery specific connector
  • congatec Integrated Smart Battery Manager Module
  • Adapter for generic LVDS Panels
  • Contains latest drivers for the Qseven module
  • Universal power supply; 90W; 19V@4,7A
  • Rechargeable Smart Li-lon Battery pack, 2 cells, 7,2V, 4.56Ah
  • 7" TFT Display, 800x480
  • Touch controller with USB interface
  • Complete set of cables to connect all components


Data Sheet



Part Number

P/N Title Description
025485 conga-SBM3/Qseven-Mobility Starter Kit The congatec Qseven® mobility kit provides the ability to immediately start evaluating Qseven® modules for all kinds of mobile applications.