Design-in training - Arm

Everything you need to know for a head-start in Arm-based designs

Design-In Training ARM


This course provides a deep dive into the design-in of ARM-based modules, covering hardware, bootloader setup, and BSPs.

Target Audience?

ARM Design Engineers, Developers and Field Application Engineers


500 USD per person



  • ARM congatec products
    Q7 / SMARC
  • ARM vs. x86
    BIOS vs. Bootlaoder/Bootcontainer
  • Booting
    Bootloader, System Controller
  • Yocto BSP
    Wiki, git server, Sample images, Development system
  • Android BSP

Hands on

  • Hardware setup
  • Qeval, Seval, Accessories, Cables,...
  • Storage
  • Booting sample image
  • Setup development system
  • Run bitbake
  • Change recipes and bitbake again (2GB/4GB...)
  • Common issues:
    right BSP for right revision, bootloader location and fallback method, OS location, git access, repo and repo sync, bitbake issues (fetch issues, build issues)



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i.MX 8X on SMARC 2.0 and Qseven modules from congatec

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