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congatec’s products can be used in a variety of industries and applications, such as industrial automation, medical technology, automotive supplies, aerospace and transportation. Core knowledge and technical know-how includes unique extended BIOS features as well as comprehensive driver and board support packages.



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We offer our employees long-term perspectives, flexible working hours and scope for personal and professional development. Our corporate culture is marked by team spirit and appreciation.



COM Express

COM Express® is a PICMG® standard that defines a Computer-On-Module, or COM, packaged as a super component. The defined interfaces provide a smooth transition path from legacy interfaces to modern differential signals. This includes DisplayPort, PCI Express®, USB 3.0 and Serial ATA.

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Targeting next generation ultra mobile embedded processors built using latest mobile chip technologies, the Qseven format complements the low power and small size of these processors.


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Design Services

Existing know-how and infrastructure make it possible for customers to outsource custom designs to congatec. As a single supplier covering the complete range of cost-effective standard solutions to individual customized projects, congatec supports the full range of technology platforms – from x86 to ARM and from standard form factors i.e. COM Express or Pico-ITX to full customized board designs. 

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Real Time Hypervisor

The innovative Real-Time Systems Hypervisor permits multiple operating systems - both real-time (RTOS) and general purpose operating systems (GPOS) like Microsoft™ Windows® or Linux - to run concurrently on multicore x86 processors. By utilizing this powerful and cost-effective software solution, designers achieve increased flexibility in system design and remarkable enhancements to functionality and performance - at the same time reducing overall system cost.

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