congatec receives VDC Research’s Platinum Vendor Satisfaction Award for IoT & Embedded Hardware technology

Award-winning: congatec’s support of customers through dramatic business challenges and technological change

Deggendorf, Germany, 19 July 2022 * * * congatec – a leading vendor of embedded and edge computing technology – has received the Platinum Vendor Satisfaction Award for IoT & Embedded Hardware technology from VDC Research. The deciding factor that won congatec the award is their outstanding support for customers going through dramatic business challenges and technological change. The award is based on vendor satisfaction ratings from more than 700 IoT, embedded, and edge solution providers sourcing commercial hardware platforms. The list includes OEMs, system integrators and engineering services companies.

“Design and solution requirements are not easing up, and neither is the macroeconomic landscape with a variety of geopolitical, environmental, and supply/logistics issues across the world. It is now more important than ever to have a strong hardware technology platform provider to remain competitive in an increasingly complex and challenging environment,” says Chris Rommel, Executive Vice President at VDC Research.

“congatec is one of the top three vendors in the boards and modules category to have received VDC’s Platinum Award for IoT & Embedded Hardware Vendor Satisfaction beside AMD-Xilinx and PHYTEC. We are immensely proud to be in the top position in our core competency area of Computer-on-Modules such as COM-HPC, COM Express and SMARC, and to have been recognized by our clients for delivering best-in-class service,” said a delighted Christian Eder, Director Product Marketing at congatec, when receiving the award.

Achieving platinum status is a solid foundation for the future development of congatec as customer loyalty is high – 79.2% will definitely or probably use the same vendor. However, there is still a huge potential of customers to acquire: More than 20% of all providers sourcing commercial hardware platforms are either unsure whether they would like to change the vendor (16.7%) or will definitely or probably change the vendor (3.8%). Convincing those customers will be easier with such an excellent rating of services, which simplify the use of embedded computer technology in addition to distinct hardware features.

VDC also ranks the most important technical selection criteria for boards and modules in their survey. First and foremost are the quality and reliability of the boards, followed by flexible high-performance networking capability and processor type. Long product availability as well as software frameworks and libraries are the next important criteria when sourcing boards and modules. Vendors who cannot deliver excellent results in these categories as well would never make the platinum rank. In this respect, the award is also a distinction for product excellence, which is a particular strength of congatec as a world leading vendor in this area.

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