Embedded in telecom infrastructure

Overcome the limitations of conventional servers for your next edge designs

Unlimited design freedom for edge servers

High-performance Server-on-Module ecosystem for high-performance edge servers in network, telecom and infrastructure installations

Digital transformation is drastically driving up bandwidth and computing power demands. This is a particular challenge in telecommunications and network infrastructures - wherever data streams originate or converge at the far and/or near edge and must be processed locally, sometimes in real time. Companies wishing to deploy server designs outside the four walls of data centers need high-performance edge server ecosystems to overcome the limitations of conventional servers, and to stay ahead of rapid innovation cycles with the shortest time-to-market.



With our high-performance ecosystem for telecommunications and network infrastructures, you can:

Implement edge server performance easily

Edge servers must be easy to design for the specific demands of the target application to avoid unnecessary costs for features that are not needed. congatec’s highly scalable Server-on-Module ecosystem is ideal for this, providing standardized modules in different performance classes and form factors for creating server designs that precisely match the application requirements. Coordinated cooling solutions and design-in services further optimize the design-in and time-to-market of new edge server solutions.

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Strengthen artificial intelligence at the edge

AI often requires additional computational accelerators such as GPGPUs besides high processing power. Moreover, in many application areas such as surgical robotic or advanced driver assistance systems for autonomous driving, deterministic and reliable AI inference must be executed locally rather than in the cloud. Our technologies enable flexible edge server designs with heterogeneous computing power for highly efficient AI deployment.

Handle more tasks more reliably

Real-time control, IIoT connectivity, and AI inference are some of the tasks edge server installations must handle. When using a real-time hypervisor, it is possible to consolidate critical sub-applications and the associated operating system in a single system without the individual applications influencing each other. This reduces the number of systems to 1, which lowers complexity and increases overall system reliability. Our real-time hypervisor offering from within the congatec Group gives OEMs the further benefit of short, interdisciplinary solution paths.

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Optimize total cost of ownership and sustainability

Edge server installations must always provide latest performance and maximum data and storage bandwidths. This requires regular upgrades. COM HPC and COM Express Server-on-Modules offer a future-proof upgrade path, allowing the performance of existing installations to be increased with a simple module swap - even after years of use, and without changes to the system design. This saves costs and components for upgrades, which increases sustainability besides return on investment (ROI).

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Implement digital transformation securely

Edge servers provide connectivity, data transparency and performance for local applications as well as optimization. These benefits can only be guaranteed by IT/OT security. No digital transformation without security. To avoid creating a potential attack surface for data-at-rest, data-in-transit and data-in-use threats, congatec’s Server-on-Module ecosystem supports key security features. With the RTS Secure Bootloader, even virtualized systems can be effectively secured against execution of unauthorized software.

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Expand application areas

Environmental conditions pay no heed to edge server usage. Resistance to extreme ambient temperatures, shock and vibration, as well as a flexible interface design are a must to realize compact outdoor edge servers for utilities, security and storage, performance switches, or 5G infrastructure installations such as radio access networks (RAN). congatec’s Server-on-Module ecosystem supports the extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and offers optimally matched active and passive cooling solutions.



Which ecosystem is the right one?

 Intel Xeon D based Server-on-ModulesIntel Xeon D based Server-on-ModulesIntel Atom based Server-on-Modules
 COM-HPC Server LCCCOM-HPC Server HCC COM Express Type 7
Video surveillance with AI-based object recognition for e.g., wind farms, power lines, traffic routes, and other critical infrastructures++++++++
5G infrastructure - radio access network (RAN) unit++++++++
5G infrastructure - distributed unit+++++o
5G infrastructure - central unit++++-
5G infrastructure - private microcell++++++++
Industrial-grade switch and firewall appliance+++++++++
Outdoor grid server for utility and oil & gas industry infrastructure+++++++++
Smart grid load balancing+++++++++
Robotics (e.g. surgery)++++++
Medical imaging++++++o
Wayside installations for railroads, Car2Car, and Car2X communication++++++
Edge server in manufacturing (factory floor) for AI and predictive maintenance+++++++++
Small data centers (mini data centers)++++++

Legend: +++ optimal solution; ++ very good solution; + good solution; O recommended, if cost and/or performance fit; - Not recommended



congatec's high-performance edge server ecosystem

Comprehensive Computer-on-Module portfoliox86-based Computer-on-Modules, tailored cooling solutions, accompanying services for design qualification, and individual BIOS and bootloader adaptationsDesigners get everything they need for highly agile development of powerful edge servers. They can fully concentrate on their core competencies to deliver highest performance to their customers.
Vendor-independent standards Support of the high-performance PICMG standards COM-HPC and COM ExpressBroad support from a huge community and multiple vendors increases design security and long-term availability through second-source strategies. Also increases supply chain resilience.
Application-ready super-componentsServer-on-Modules come as fully developed super-components, implementing CPU, RAM and computer I/Os, and featuring software support packagesServer-on-Modules offer designers the best of both worlds: The design efficiency and design security of ready-made modules combined with high customizability. The modular approach enables high scalability and easy upgradability with a simple module change.
Dedicated Server-on-Module ecosystemsCOM-HPC and COM Express feature increased PCIe and Ethernet bandwidth, remote management capabilities, as well as memory capacity on COM-HPCServer-on-Modules address the extreme performance, interface, bandwidth and memory demands of today’s and upcoming edge servers by design. Active and passive cooling solutions optimized for server-grade power consumption as well as server carrier boards and Ethernet interface technology give engineers a head start for their individual designs.
Most comprehensive COM-HPC offeringcongatec offers the most comprehensive COM-HPC ecosystemDesigners get everything they need in the form they need from one reliable vendor. Suitable and highly scalable modules, tailored and most efficient cooling solutions, corresponding evaluation and application carriers, board support packages, as well as design-in services from definition phase to validation phase.




Recommended Products

More about conga-HPC/sILH


Virtualization Ready
  • Intel® Xeon® D2700 processors
  • Up to 20 cores
  • Up to 1 TB RAM
  • Ext. temp. options
  • 100 Gb max. Ethernet bandwidth
More about conga-HPC/sILL


Virtualization Ready
  • Intel® Xeon® D1700 processors
  • Up to 10 cores
  • Up to 256 GB RAM
  • Ext. temp. options
  • 100 Gb max. Ethernet bandwidth
More about conga-B7XI


Virtualization Ready
  • Intel® Xeon® D1700 processors
  • Up to 10 cores
  • Up to 128 GB RAM
  • Extended temperature options
  • Up to 4x 10 GbE supporting CEI/KR/SFI
More about conga-B7E3


  • AMD EPYC™ Embedded 3000 Series
  • Up to 16 cores
  • Up to 96 GB RAM
  • Extended temperature options
  • 4x 10 GbE with KR interface support
More about conga-B7AC


  • Intel Atom® C3000 processor family
  • Up to 16 cores
  • Extended temperature options
  • Power-optimized design
  • 4x 10 GbE with KR interface support
More about conga-HPC/uATX-Server


  • Quick start for COM-HPC Server and Edge Computing
  • Unparalleled feature density
  • Industrial temperature support
  • Scalable µATX carrier board



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Ensuring cybersecurity at the industrial edge

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