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We deliver an extensive Computer-on-Module ecosystem for your individual demands

Robotics is a highly competitive and complex arena with ever accelerating innovation cycles and increasing market demands. To set your dedicated application up for the best success, you not only require high-performance hardware but a whole ecosystem enabling you to develop your products with highest flexibility, reliability and agility.  



With our high-performance ecosystem for robotics, you can:


Modular brain for autonomous inspection robot

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Accelerate time to market

by concentrating on your core-competencies and leave the embedded computing technology to congatec’s Computer-on-Module ecosystem. Our Computer-on-Modules pre-integrate all the complex components like CPU, GPU, memory, Ethernet and further PC functions in an application-ready form. Customization to specific needs is done via an easy-to-design carrier board. Additional design-in, pre-qualification and software services from congatec boost performance and speed up your time to market further. 

Upgrade intelligence

by leveraging optimum computing performance tailored to your exact demands. Our exchangeable Computer-on-Modules offer high-performance x86 processors with massive core count and integrated AI engines through to low-power Arm-based application processors with Neural Processing Units (NPU) and additional dedicated hardware accelerators. This enables you to run powerful inference workloads for complex AI tasks and to upgrade your robot’s intelligence so it can perform more complex jobs. 

Increase ROI & sustainability

by upgrading your existing designs with our Computer-on-Module ecosystem to extend their use. Gain maximum scalability to design whole product families using one basic design and achieve agility to quickly ramp up production to meet changing market demands. Additionally, benefit from reliable upgrade paths to latest technologies without altering system designs, thereby saving costs. With a simple module change, even systems that have been in use for several years can be upgraded, extending the lifespan of your hardware, increasing sustainability, and maximizing ROI. 

Benefits of Computer-on-Modules:

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Improve durability

by implementing technology that is specifically developed for harsh environmental conditions, offers support for the industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, and comes with high resistance against shock and vibrations. In conjunction with energy-efficiency and powerful passive cooling solutions, our ecosystem enables fully sealed systems with high IP ratings. Consequently, robots can operate in even the most demanding environments – from arctic cold to desert heat, in wet conditions as well as harmful areas, and ex zones.  

Optimize reliability & TCO

by leveraging rugged technology and system consolidation. With supporting real-time hypervisor technology from Real-Time Systems, various workloads that previously required several dedicated systems can now be run on one single system. This not only reduces system count and yields immediate cost savings, it also leads to a higher MTBF and overall reliability. It further helps to extend maintenance intervals and reduce downtime, resulting in an optimized TCO. 

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Extend operating time

of battery-powered autonomous robot designs with energy-efficient embedded computing technology. Leveraging next generation technologies can bring up to 50% energy savings to the computing core without compromising performance. Or up to 100% more computing performance to enhance workload capacities and autonomous decision making. With Computer-on-Modules you can easily switch to low-power designs via a simple module exchange and without costly re-designs. 

Enhance perception & safety

by increasing computing performance and I/O bandwidth to process 2D/3D camera, LIDAR, RADAR and/or ultrasound, and many other data in real time. This improves the situational awareness of your systems, which leads to better navigation in complex environments and increased safety for humans in collaborative environments. Our high-performance COM-HPC and COM Express ecosystems offer extreme performance bandwidths and interface capabilities to implement latest sensor technologies in high-end collaborative and autonomous robots.

Improve communication capability

by implementing real-time communication in your business and even mission-critical Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications. Our Computer-on-Module ecosystem is optimized for low latency and coordinated communication supporting Time Synchronized Networking (TSN) and Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) to coordinate various robots, not only within a manufacturing cell but across the entire factory floor. Integrated IoT gateways consolidated via the Real-Time Hypervisor help to improve cybersecurity.



Which ecosystem to choose

 COM HPC Client              COM HPC Mini          COM ExpressSMARC
Small logistics AGVs for warehouses usually require a size, power and cost-optimized embedded computing solution.-+++++++
Larger logistics AGVs and mobile machines in e.g. container ports or goods stations require a rugged and ideally fanless embedded computing solution to withstand the extreme environmental conditions.-++++++++
Compact and highly agile AMRs, e.g. for maintenance and control in industrial plants, require a power-optimized to extended battery life and highly capable computing solutions. Where necessary, also for harsh environments.o++++++++
Autonomous vehicles and mobile machines like unmanned farming equipment require high performance to process RADAR, LIDAR and vision-based data streams in real time.+++++++-
Industrial robots and cobots on the factory floor require high performance to run several tasks in real time on one system to ensure safe and reliable human-machine-interaction.+++-++-
Servicing robots for patient care, restaurants, hotels and POS require size, power and cost-optimized solutions to run latest AI inferences for natural interaction.o++++++++
Medical robots for surgery require high performance, ideally with real-time vision, to be mounted in sealed and thus highly hygienic designs.+++-++-

Legend: +++ optimal solution; ++ very good solution; + good solution; O recommended, if cost and/or performance fit; - not recommended

congatec's high-performance ecosystem

Comprehensive Computer-on-Module portfolio                 x86 and Arm-based Computer-on-Modules, tailored cooling solutions, accompanying services for design qualification, and individual BIOS and bootloader adaptations                    Designers get everything they need for highly agile development of dedicated solutions. They can fully concentrate on their core competencies to deliver highest performance to their customers.                             
Vendor-independent standards                                Support of the high-performance PICMG standards COM-HPC and COM Express as well as the low-power SGeT standard SMARC                  Broad support from a huge community and multiple vendors increases design security and long-term availability through second-source strategies. Also increases supply chain resilience.                                           
Application-ready super-components                           Computer modules come as fully developed super-components implementing CPU, RAM and computer I/Os and featuring software support packagesComputer-on-Modules offer robot designers the best of both worlds: The high design security of ready-made modules and the high customizability of carrier boards. The modular approach enables high scalability and easy upgradability with a simple module change.
Most comprehensive COM-HPC offering                           congatec offers the most comprehensive COM-HPC ecosystem                                                                                       Designers get everything they need in the form they need from one reliable vendor. Suitable and highly scalable modules, tailored and most efficient cooling solutions, corresponding evaluation and application carriers, board support packages, as well as design-in services from definition phase to validation phase.




Recommended Products

More about conga-HPC/mRLP


Virtualization Ready
  • 13th Generation Intel® Core™
  • Intel® Xe graphics engine
  • Rugged soldered processor
  • Industrial temperature support
  • PCIe Gen 4
More about conga-HPC/cTLH


Virtualization Ready
  • 11th Generation Intel® Core™
  • Intel® Xe graphics engine
  • Rugged soldered processor
  • Industrial temperature support
  • PCIe Gen 4
More about conga-TC570r


Virtualization Ready
  • 11th Generation Intel® Core™
  • Extremely rugged with soldered memory
  • Extended temperature range options
  • IEC-60068 certified
  • PCIe Gen 4
More about conga-TC570


Virtualization Ready
  • 11th Generation Intel® Core™
  • Compact design
  • Up to 4 cores
  • Extended temperature range options
  • PCIe Gen 4
More about conga-SA7


Virtualization Ready
  • Intel Atom® x6000E, Intel® Pentium® or Celeron® J
  • 8 variants for broad scalability
  • GbE with TSN and TCC support
  • Up to 16 GB LPDDR4x
  • Industrial temperature support
More about conga-STDA4


  • TI processor TDA4VM or DRA829J
  • Dual Arm® Cortex®-A72
  • Deep learning hardware accelerator
  • Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCUs for real-time communication
  • Industrial temperature support



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