SMARC 2.0 was released June 2nd, 2016 and is a formfactor hosted by SGET. 

congatec is acting as editor of the SMARC 2.0 Specification.

Get the SMARC 2.0 Whitepaper here

Watch the SMARC 2.0 video here

The technical highlights of SMARC 2.0

The 314 pins of the SMARC 2.0 connector, which is also used for the MXM 3.0 graphics card standard, provide space for up to four video outputs, underlining SMARC 2.0’s particular suitability for multimedia applications.


SMARC 2.0 utilizes a highly reliable, high speed certified but affordable 314 pin 0.5mm MXM 3 connector.

Extensive video interface options

SMARC 2.0 offers a rich choice of internal and external video interfaces. Two dual-mode DisplayPorts (DP++) are provided for flexible external screen connections via DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA. For internal displays 2x24 Bit LVDS is implemented. Alternative use is defined to support two independent embedded DisplayPort (eDP) or MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI)

Two Ethernet interfaces yield greater precision

SMARC 2.0 implements two Gigabit Ethernet ports, which is a particular advantage for IoT or Industry 4.0 applications. Both Ethernet ports provide SDPs (Software Defined Pins) to allow for hardware-based IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)


SMARC 2.0 provides a special area on the module that is dedicated to the placement of the miniature RF connectors to allow for wireless interfaces like WLAN and Bluetooth.

Camera interfaces

SMARC 2.0 provides all signals required to support digital cameras. For this purpose, two serial MIPI CSI (Camera Serial Interface) have been implemented.

Low Power

SMARC 2.0 is defined for low power consumption applications only. It can be operated by 3.3V or 5V DC power and provides all additional signals for battery management.

Backwards Compatible

SMARC 2.0 is not compatible with the previous definition SMARC 1.1. The feature set was completely updated, one third of the pin definitions have been changed.

Small Size

The module‘s dimensions are a mere 82 x 50 mm². This means it can be easily integrated into size constricted systems.

SGeT e.V.

The SMARC (“Smart Mobility ARChitecture”) Specification is hostet by the SGeT standardization group founded in 2012. congatec is founding member, board member and SMARC specification editor of the SGeT.