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High-performance ecosystem for medical technology

Improve patient care at the operating room, point-of-care, and medical edge with congatec’s high-performance medical ecosystem

Medical applications are expected to do more and more these days. Which means capturing analyzing, storing, and transmitting more and more data at the edge in near real-time. New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and medical IoT connectivity (MIoT) therefore play a key role in the digitization of all medical applications, from medical imaging (MRI, CT, ultrasound, and X-ray systems) to telemedicine platforms and robotic surgery. Also essential is that these new technologies are quick and easy to certify. Besides high-performance hardware, companies in the medical sector need an entire ecosystem that enables them to develop, certify and manufacture their AI-assisted solutions with maximum flexibility, reliability, and agility.

With our high-performance ecosystem for medical applications, you can:

Accelerate time to market

by concentrating on your core competencies and leaving the embedded computing technology to congatec’s Computer-on-Module ecosystem. Our Computer-on-Modules pre-integrate all the complex components like CPU, GPU, memory, Ethernet, and further PC functions in an application-ready form. Customization to specific needs and certification requirements is done via an easy-to-design carrier board. Additional design-in, pre-qualification, and software services from congatec boost performance and speed up your time to market further.

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Speed up medical diagnosis

with artificial intelligence. Running AI inference on medical systems yields faster, more accurate diagnosis, and thus optimizes workflows. Our high-performance ecosystem provides a comprehensive, high-performance basis for AI applications, which makes the gigantic data volumes of modern medicine manageable and opens entirely new possibilities. For this purpose, we offer a highly scalable module selection with AI accelerators integrated directly on the module or carrier board.

Minimize certification effort

by consolidating additional tasks that medical devices are expected to handle these days, such as MIoT connectivity and AI. With a real-time hypervisor, applications requiring certification and non-critical applications can be consolidated independently on a single system. This reduces the number of systems to 1, which lowers complexity and increases overall system reliability. Our real-time hypervisor offering from within the congatec Group gives OEMs the further benefit of short, interdisciplinary solution paths.

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Optimize return on investment and sustainability

Medical systems must process ever larger volumes of raw data with ever changing AI algorithms. This requires regular performance upgrades. COM-HPC Computer-on-Modules offer a future-proof upgrade path for this, allowing the performance of existing installations to be increased with a simple module swap - even after years of use, and without changes to the system design. This saves cost and materials, which optimizes return on investment (ROI) as well as sustainability.

Expand application areas

Our Computer-on-Modules specifically designed for harsh environments support the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and are highly shock and vibration-resistant. Also featuring high power efficiency, they simplify the development of fanless and thus particularly hygienic systems for use in operating rooms, as well as rugged mobile devices for harsh field environments. And thanks to modular technology, all this is efficiently achieved on the same platform.

Maximize display quality

The most important diagnostic tool is the eye of the doctor. Multi-screen workstations with ultra-high quality displays featuring high screen resolutions, color depth and color fidelity make radiologists’ work easier. Our x86-based Computer-on-Modules support screen resolutions of up to 8k, can control up to four displays independently, and can animate even complex 3D displays smoothly.

Reduce non-recurring engineering costs

Implementing complete product families from entry-level to high-end solutions as cost-effectively as possible requires highly scalable platforms and easy re-use of existing solutions. With our high-performance ecosystem based on open Computer-on-Module standards, it is just the module that needs scaling. Everything else can be retained. As this approach works across processor generations and module manufacturers, reliable second source strategies can also remain in use.

Implementing digital transformation securely

helps companies achieve efficiency gains, new business models, greater reliability, and more value. However, this can only be guaranteed by built-in IT/OT security. No digital transformation without security. To avoid creating a potential attack surface for threats, congatec’s ecosystem supports key security features. With the RTS Secure Bootloader, even virtualized systems can be effectively secured against execution of unauthorized software.

Minimize the risk of nosocomial infections

Operating rooms and near-patient environments demand the highest levels of hygiene. This calls for fanless, hermetically sealed medical systems with high IP protection classes. Such systems are easy to disinfect and since there are no fans, there is no possibility of them swirling germs into the ambient air. Our ecosystem with energy-efficient modules, and our high-performance passive heatpipe cooling solutions simplify the development of such fully enclosed medical systems, all the way up to medical edge servers.

Which ecosystem to choose?

 COM-HPC Server              COM-HPC Client          COM-HPC Mini          COM ExpressSMARC
Telemedicine platforms++++++++++
Radiological imaging+++++++++-
Robot-assisted surgery++++++++++
Diagnostic workstations-+++++++O
Medical edge server++++-O-
Mobile ultrasound equipment ++++++++
Endoscopy +++++++++
Healthcare cloud infrastructure+++--+-
Data acquisition & reconstruction servers     
Vendor-neutral archive (VNA)     
Patient data management system (PDMS)-+++++++++
Respiratory device-+++++++++

Legend: +++ optimal solution; ++ very good solution; + good solution; O recommended, if cost and/or performance fit; - not recommended

congatec’s high-performance ecosystem


Comprehensive Computer-on-Module portfolio

x86 and Arm-based Computer-on-Modules, tailored cooling solutions, accompanying services for design qualification, and individual BIOS and bootloader adaptationDesigners get everything they need for highly agile development of dedicated solutions. They can fully concentrate on their core competencies to deliver highest performance to their customers.
Open standardsSupport of the high-performance PICMG standards COM-HPC and COM Express as well as the low-power SGeT standard SMARC ModuleBroad support from a huge community and multiple vendors increases design security and long-term availability through second-source strategies. Also increases supply chain resilience.
Application-ready super- componentsComputer modules come as fully developed super-components, implementing CPU, RAM, and computer I/Os, and featuring software support packagesComputer modules offer industrial designers the best of both worlds: The high design security of ready-made Computer-on-Modules, and the high customizability of carrier boards. The modular approach enables high scalability and easy upgradability with a simple module change.
Most comprehensive COM-HPC offeringcongatec offers the most comprehensive COM-HPC ecosystemDesigners get everything they need in the form they need from one reliable vendor. Suitable and highly scalable modules, tailored and most efficient cooling solutions, corresponding evaluation and application carriers, board support packages, as well as design-in services from definition phase to validation phase.


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