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Embedded in Industrial Automation

Embedded in your success!

Embedded computer technologies in industrial automation must be designed for high reliability and long-term availability. Challenging environmental conditions also demand highest quality and full ruggedness as well as resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

New challenges in industrial automation

At the same time, the IIoT and Industry 4.0 trends place entirely new demands on industrial computer system design: Edge servers, IIoT gateways and Industry 4.0 controllers that synchronize in real time via Ethernet are just some of the major challenges facing the industry today.

The consistent application of industry-compatible embedded computing standards and the associated wide scalability enable future-proof and optimized platform concepts as well as simple upgrade options that are suitable even for closed-loop engineering. 

Real-time capability

congatec pays special attention to real-time capability during product development. The congatec BIOS/UEFI implementation is of particularly high quality, yielding significantly improved real-time results for OEM customers. By cooperating with OSADL, this real-time capability can be tested over an extremely long time.

Ready for the future with congatec!

Embedded boards and modules from congatec are the first choice for all current and future industrial automation projects. For applications with special requirements that cannot be met with standard, off-the-shelf computer technology, congatec also offers many options to modify the hardware and firmware. Everything is possible, from BIOS/UEFI adaptation and individual board assembly to complete platform development.
The performance spectrum ranges from energy-efficient ultra-low power ARM processor technology with passive cooling for highly compact and extremely efficient real-time controls, to high-end x86 multicore platforms for industrial server technologies that provide, among others, big data analytics with integrated artificial intelligence and deep learning features.

The fusion of embedded vision and embedded computing technologies is also playing an increasingly important role – for example, in cooperative robots and autonomous robotic vehicles in intra-logistics applications. For all these tasks, congatec works closely together with customers to develop the solution that’s best for them.

Perfectly matching real-time hypervisor support

Hypervisor support from Real-Time Systems makes the embedded computer technologies from congatec even more attractive. It allows multiple operating systems to be installed on a multicore x86 platform without impacting real-time capability. Each sub-application can be implemented with the appropriate operating system – e.g. real-time data acquisition with VxWorks, the user interface with Windows, and a firewall with Linux. Since Real-Time Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of congatec, the distances between the two companies are very short, which gives OEMs a time advantage in support cases and promotes interdisciplinary solutions.

High security inclusive

By providing numerous BIOS/UEFI security options and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support, congatec enables customers to implement a high level of security that is optimized for their specific solution requirements.

What are your project needs?

Don’t delay – get in touch today! We support you with the latest embedded board and module technologies for industrial automation. Developed on the basis of the leading PICMG and SGET standards, our solutions offer comprehensive industry-specific driver support and convince through extensive service and support that stretches to full custom design, making integration into your solutions particularly easy.