AI vision platform for robotics

from Intel, congatec and Real-Time Systems

The most vital homework is done

Computer-based vision is growing more and more important in robotic systems. But how do you fuse hard real-time applications and time-sensitive networking (TSN) with vision systems and artificial intelligence (AI)? congatec has already done the necessary homework in collaboration with Intel and Real-Time Systems. The goal: to provide OEMs with a fully scalable, consolidated solution platform.

Computer-based vision is a rapidly growing market with the potential to revolutionize applications as diverse as advanced driver assistance systems, medical imaging, precision farming, retail, advertising, media, security and surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and robotics. The rising demand for computer vision systems in new AI-based applications is one of the main driving factors. AI is currently expected to achieve a staggering CAGR of +47%i in the computer vision market, whereas the overall machine vision market is forecast to grow ‘only’ around 8.5% ii. According to iii, the biggest drivers behind this growth are an increasing demand for quality control and automation, the evolution of vision-controlled robot systems, the growing adoption of 3D systems for machine vision, as well as the rising demand for application-specific image processing systems that are required to offer specific analysis and processing functions in addition to automatic image acquisition

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