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Meet us at medica 2022, Booth B50 in Hall 3

Medical applications have long ceased to be stand-alone solutions. Instead, they are becoming more and more complex as the number of functions they must provide in addition to their core task proliferates. Consequently, the solution design requires extensive expertise in various fields. 

And this is exactly what we will be showcasing together with our value-adding partners Intel,S.I.E (System Industrie Electronic GmbH), secunet Security Networks AG and Real-Time Systems GmbH at medica 2022. Here, visitors can experience the full power of a complete ecosystem that supports medical customers along the entire supply chain from application development to series production. With this ecosystem, medical OEMs can focus 100% on their core competencies and create medical IT and OT solutions faster, more efficiently and with greater precision to stay ahead of the competition.

One example of this successful value-adding partnership is the GDPR-compliant platform from Honic for collecting and transferring medical data to support research and development.

On the product front, congatec will be presenting its range of modular hardware platforms that are specifically designed for all types of medical applications, complying with international standards and featuring latest processor technology. And thanks to the new Safe Hypervisor from Real-Time Systems, medical device developers can now even consolidate safety- and non-safety-critical tasks on such platforms.

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Our medica showcase in detail:

Powerful Server-on-Modules to process unprecedented volumes of healthcare data directly at the edge

The new COM-HPC Server modules in Size E and Size D as well as the COM Express Type 7 modules will accelerate the next generation of real-time microserver workloads in rugged environments and extended temperature ranges. With up to 20 cores, RAM to up to 1 TB, double throughput per PCIe lanes to Gen 4 speed, as well as up to 100 GbE connectivity and TCC/TSN support these new server modules are an ideal fit for any medical AI and imaging solution

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High-performance Computer-on-Modules for powerful medical imaging and diagnostic workstations

These new flagship COM HPC Client and COM Express Type 6 modules impress not only by highest bandwidth and overall improved performance, they also offer dedicated AI engines supporting Windows ML, Intel OpenVINO toolkit and Chrome Cross ML. The different AI workloads can be seamlessly delegated to the P-cores, E-cores and the GPU execution units to process even the most compute-intensive medical AI tasks. 

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Made for medical applications with functional safety requirements

Consolidating safety critical and non safety tasks on one single platform for robotics, autonomous vehicles and mobile machines

The combination of a safe hypervisor with functionally safe embedded computing platforms enables OEM to consolidate safety-critical and non-safety-critical tasks on one IEC 62304 compliant platform for medical applications like healthcare robotics. congatec’s ecosystem for functional safety based on the conga-MA7 embedded x86 multicore platform in the COM Express Mini and the Safe Hypervisor from Real-Time Systems simplifies FuSa-designs significantly. 

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Arm based Computer-on-Module to process multiple video streams with advanced AI analytics algorithms simultaneously

The powerful SMARC Computer-on-Module  conga-SMX8-Plus is based on the i.MX 8M Plus application processor with 1.8 GHz Arm Cortex-A53 quad-core performance and an additional integrated neural processing unit (NPU) with up to 2.3 TOPS. As the first i.MX processor with a machine learning accelerator, the i.MX 8M Plus provides medical applications with substantially higher performance for deep learning inference and artificial intelligence at the edge.

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Solution Brief: COM-HPC for Medical Applications

congatec’s COM-HPC module delivers the design flexibility and high performance needed to power AI, graphics, and other data-intensive applications driving modern healthcare systems.

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Human-Like Cognition with a NPU for Enhanced Patient Care

The way in which embedded integration is realized determines the success of AI-based systems in biomedical engineering applications – whether for diagnoses, defibrillators, or live images from minimally invasive surgery. Preconfigured embedded modules help developers find specific solutions for medical applications faster.

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