Real Time Hypervisor

Harness the power of today’s multicore processors

The innovative Real-Time Systems Hypervisor permits multiple operating systems - both real-time (RTOS) and general purpose operating systems (GPOS) like Microsoft™ Windows® or Linux - to run concurrently on multicore x86 processors. By utilizing this powerful and cost-effective software solution, designers achieve increased flexibility in system design and remarkable enhancements to functionality and performance - at the same time reducing overall system cost.

Hard Real-Time Performance: Multiple Operating Systems in Perfect Harmony

  • Combine real-time operating systems like VxWorks®, QNX Neutrino or Real-Time Linux , with e.g. Microsoft™ Windows®
  • Operating systems reside simultaneously on an x86 computer while maintaining the hard real-time characteristics of an RTOS
  • Reboot any operating system anytime without disturbing the execution of other operating systems
  • Communication via high performance virtual TCP/IP network and flexible shared memory
  • User-definable boot sequence


  • Reduced system costs and physical size
  • Hardware consolidation
  • Hard real-time performance
  • Maximum flexibility in system functionality
  • Increased reliability (MTBF) as no additional hardware is required for
         additional operating system
  • Works seamlessly with COTS and proprietary operating systems
  • Proven in thousands of systems worldwide

About the Hypervisor

  • All operating systems operate completely independent
  • User defined startup sequence of operating systems
  • Any operating system can reboot without affecting other operating         
  • All operating systems safely separated and protected
  • Standard development tools can be used (supplied by the operating
         system vendors)
  • Standard drivers can be used - no special development required
  • NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) fully supported 
  • OS independent drive sharing

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Real-Time Systems are the experts in virtualization technology you can trust for consolidating deterministic real-time operating systems (RTOS) with other, less critical applications on a single hardware platform. Our bare metal hypervisor provides a privileged mode that allows operating systems to run in real-time, thereby avoiding any overhead from virtualization. Native real-time capability stays at 100%.


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With the RTS Hypervisor, you can run a variety of real-time and general purpose operating systems on a single hardware platform.

Benefits: Reduced hardware costs, energy consumption, cabling and space.

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