RMA - Return Material Authorization Procedure

We offer a worldwide limited warranty of 2 years after the date of purchase

In case a congatec product is defect, we offer the service of returning products back for analysis.

With returning products back via RMA, you agree to the conditions described on this page.

Customer Service Contact - EMEA

            congatec GmbH
            Customer Service / RMA
            Auwiesenstraße 5
            94469 Deggendorf
            email: rma@congatec.com

Customer Service Contact - AMERICAS

           congatec Inc.
           Customer Service / RMA
           6262 Ferris Square
           San Diego, CA. 92121
           email: cus-cs@congatec.com

Customer Service Contact – APAC

           congatec Asia Ltd.
           2F, No.186, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd.
           Datong Dist. 10366
           Taipei City
           email: ctw-cs@congatec.com

1. Request an RMA number

  • The products must be claimed and returned to the congatec entity where the customer purchased the products.
  • For every return to congatec an RMA number is necessary.
  • Before returning please request an RMA number by sending an email to the relevant congatec customer service location.
  • Please add the part number, serial number and failure description in your RMA request.
  • Our customer service team will provide an RMA number with further information.

2. Send goods back to congatec 

  • The RMA number should be visible on the outside of the package and must be stated on the delivery note.
  • Please make sure that the package is properly packed to avoid any damages.
  • Our modules are electrostatic sensitive devices and have to be packaged with ESD conforming packaging fulfilling the requirements of Typ S (shielded).

ESD Information

3. Transportation Costs


  • Delivery from customer to congatec entity  
         ► customer bears the costs
  • Delivery from congatec entity to customer
         ►congatec bears the costs