conga-fpa2 per r
  • conga-fpa2 per r

conga-FPA2 (EOL)

Universal Flat Panel Adapter Board

  • Universal Flat Panel Adapter
  • LVDS and TTL Panel Support
  • EPI Configuration EEPROM


conga-FPA2 is a universal flat panel adapter board that has been designed to be EPI (Embedded Panel Interface) compliant. It can be used for either prototyping, demonstration purposes, or for debugging certain issues. It may also serve as a reference for the implementation of panel adaptations on customer specific carrier boards.

  • Multiple I/O Combinations
  • LVDS to TTL
  • 18 and 24 Bit single-pixel support
  • Configuration Memory
    EPI compliant EEPROM for custom panel settings
  • Power Management
    All typ. supply voltages selectable
  • Fully s/w controlled power sequencing
  • Backlight Connector: Supports most backlight converters
  • Software controlled brightness adjustment


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conga-FPA2 (P/N 047250)

Flatpanel prototype adapter to develop your own flatpanel adapter Including cables set.


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conga-FPA2 (EOL)

Universal Flat Panel Adapter Board