COM Express Ecosystem

The most successful Computer-on-Module standard

Our high-performance COM Express ecosystems offer a most comprehensive range of modules, carriers and accessories, enabling our customers to be first to market with industry-leading solutions. COM Express simplifies all types of applications, from dedicated server designs with up to 100 W TDP down to credit-card sized low-power designs. With the latest COM Express 3.1 revision, the standard now also supports PCIe up to Gen 4.

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COM Express Type 6 Ecosystem

High-performance computing and graphics capabilities in a well-established industry-proven open standard

  • Two different compact form factors
  • Multi-display support
  • High-performance CPU+GPU

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COM Express Type 7 Ecosystem

Most powerful COM Express modules for embedded edge and fog servers

  • Extended temperature support
  • Up to 4x10 GbE and 32x PCIe
  • Fanless cooling solutions up to 100 W

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COM Express Type 10 Ecosystem

Credit-card sized Mini modules with low-power processors for small form factor designs

  • Measuring only 84x55 mm 
  • Low-power x86 CPU technology
  • Supports 2x MIPI-CSI off the module

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