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MIPI Camera Whitepaper

congatec and Intel accelerate Time to Market for Small, Smart Cameras

MIPI reference design and starter kit enable video data analytics from edge to cloud

Executive summary

Smart cameras are an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT), capturing rich video data that is central to the success of connected solutions and analytics across industries. Accessing this data in diverse environments often requires small form factors. But bringing smart cameras in small form factors to market quickly can be challenging, due in part to the complexity of engineering required to ensure compatibility and software and hardware integration. Congatec has developed a comprehensive, preintegrated MIPI reference design and starter kit, powered by the Intel® processor family, to accelerate development of smart camera solutions. The flexible solution from congatec and Intel gives ODMs, OEMs, SIs, and developers an effective, simplified path to innovation to take advantage of the IoT opportunity, from smart cities and manufacturing to digital surveillance and healthcare.



Today, video from smart cameras is a key source of data for IoT, and these smart cameras are a vital component of solutions used in myriad industries and market segments. The opportunity for ODMs, OEMs, SIs, and application developers is enormous, but the hurdles to getting a solution to market are considerable. Cameras available in market vary widely in technology, protocols, software, and compatibility. Image quality requires powerful preprocessing; MIPI sensors are complex to validate; and software integration and driver issues require specialized engineering expertise. Expectations from end users for smart camera solutions are also high, as industries seek greater intelligence from video data at lower cost. In addition, smart cameras are on networks and must be protected from attacks and trusted to send the correct video/data, so data security is often an obstacle to adoption, given recent DoS attacks on IP cameras and NVRs...