COM-HPC: What developers and users need to know

The embedded computing industry is about to launch COM-HPC as the next-generation standard for modular system designs. Since COM-HPC is complex and sometimes misunderstood, there is a need for clear information.

Some see the PICMG standard as an entirely new platform addressing entirely new applications. The embedded edge server camp, which must manage massive workloads in harsh environments, thinks so. The second camp are the existing COM Express users. They are less interested in the server modules, and instead care more about the client modules of the new COM-HPC standard. They are a little more skeptical about COM-HPC. They want to protect existing COM Express investments, asking themselves: How long will COM Express be available and do I have to switch to COM-HPC now? What are the advantages for my customers? For them, it is most important to know what benefits the COM-HPC client modules offer and how they differ from COM Express. COM-HPC therefore addresses two separate target groups, each with different needs. So what potential do the two new sub-specifications have and how do they differ?

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