Rugged four-legged robot with three brains

ANYbotics ANYmal C robot is a multi-module machine

ANYbotics provides solutions for robot applications with the most advanced mobility and autonomy requirements in challenging terrains. The massive embedded computing performance for the key tasks – situational awareness, motion control and mission fulfillment – is delivered by three COM Express Computer-on-Modules from congatec.



The ANYmal C from ANYbotics is a rugged robot that’s designed to operate in the same environments as humans. That includes demanding and rugged terrains like off-shore wind parks, oil rigs, mines, and industrial facilities with many obstacles in the pathway.







Besides its extensive sensor array with stereoscopic cameras for a 360-degree field of vision, LIDAR for environment mapping can carry a 10 kg payload of additional sensors for inspection.









ANYbotics uses three congatec Computer-on-Modules in each robot with two different processor types:
Intel® Core™ i7 hexa core and low power dual core ULT processors. The workload is consolidated using dedicated processor cores for mapping, path planning and real-time motion control. In addition to this, a third segment is reserved for individual customer applications.


Compared to full-custom designs, Computer-on-Modules offer many advantages for autonomous mobile robots that require compact and rugged embedded computing components