Meet us at R-24 in Denmark, Hall C, Booth 3536

Visit us at the exciting R-24 robotics fair in Denmark to experience our high-performance embedded ecosystems for robotics, automation, and drones.  

One of our highlights is a new virtualization-ready Computer-on-Module based on Intel Core Ultra technology with hypervisor integration to consolidate different workloads onto a single platform.  

This Hypervisor-on-Module technology enables designers to effectively reduce the size, weight, and power consumption of their robotics solutions across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture & horticulture, energy, and healthcare. 



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Get some detailed insights into the advantages of Computer-on-Modules for robotics

Consolidate and conquer

In this whitepaper, Timo takes you on a deep dive into the world of workload consolidation based on real-time hypervisor technology.

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Prepare for the future

In this webinar, Claire and Christian explain why the COM-HPC standard will be one of the most powerful game changers for future-proof robot designs.

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CoMs in less than 2 minutes

In this short video, our robotics expert Claire presents the top reasons to choose CoMs for your next designs.

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