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Multi edge device for secure IoT connectivity

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Multi edge device for secure IoT connectivity

  • Edge-Computing and IoT-Gateway
  • Remote Control & Maintenance
  • IT/OT Security (Physical Network Separation, Firewall functionality, Data-centric connectivity)
  • PLC Connectivity
  • Database & Cloud connectivity
  • Integrated VPN gateway
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IoT Functionality

User managementconga-connect supports individual users with definable user rights.
Remote AccessFor conga-connect, a "Rendezvous Server“ services enables secure access to system data beyond company borders. This allows for data access from virtually any place and between different conga-connect systems installed at different sites. This feature requires a respective security certificate.
Remote access VPNconga-connect can also act as a remote maintenance gateway.
This functionality is made available via a separate, third physical network port, which by default is deactivated and can be activated via a 2-way authentication approach with onsite presence.
For the corresponding VPN access, a separate security certificate is required.
OPC UA ConnectivityOPC UA Server AND OPC UA Client functionality, multiple instances possible, assignment to individual network ports.
MQTT ConnectivityMQTT Connector, connecting to external brokers and / or acting as broker
Notification Service / SMTP ConnectorThe Notification Provider offers configurable notifications, including templates, that can be automatically sent out based on data situations (alarming etc.).
REST Clientconfigurable REST clients, incl. templates, intuitive user interface to quickly connect to REST servers and APIs
File System ProviderThis features allows for access to external network drives. Thanks to the physical network separation of conga-connect and its purely data-centric connectivity, this feature can be used to integrate data from intrinsically insecure networks (e.g. SMBV1 on legacy OS machines).
Cloud ConnectivityCertified Cloud Providers: Microsoft Azure, AWS Cloud, Software AG Cumulocity, German Telekom IoT Cloud.
PLC ConnectivityS7 native, RFC 1006, and more.
Modbus (TCP/RTU)conga-connect can communicate with ModBus devices via the ModBus provider. For ModBus RTU an optionally available serial interface is required.
Integrated Webserverconga-connect has a built-in webserver, which allows for intuitive configuration of the system.
Optionally, it can be used to host application-specific, interactive websites, e.g. to visualize data in an intuitive context, this way offering a full featured Web-SCADA functionality.
In combination with the Remote Access feature, websites can be accessed without compromises on cyber-security.
In combination with the Remote Access capability, it is possible to grant people a possibility to look at such individual visualizations via the internet in an outmost secure fashion.


Dimensions | Protection97 x 160 x 106 mm | Class IP20
MountingTS35 Mounting Rail (DIN EN 50022)
Temperature | HumidityOperating 0 °C to 60 °C ; Storage -40 °C to 85 °C  | 10% to 90% r. H. non cond.
Controllerconga-SMX8-Plus/i-QC-NPU-4G eMMC16
Storage16GB eMMC | M.2 interface for optional SSD | SD Card Slot
DisplayScreen diagonal 5.5 cm; 128x64 pixels; RGB backlight
Interfaces3x physically separated RJ45 ethernet ports for IT, OT and remote access
Power SupplyDC 24V
Internal UPS~30 seconds for secure shutdown

Extension Cards

I/O Card
  • I/O Card for connecting of digital and analog in- & outputs
  • Processor Cortex®-M4 32-bit STM32L476VCT for data pre-processing and as communication processor 9x digital Input (floating ground, 3 groups)
  • 4x analog input (0..10V / 0…20mA / 4…20mA; floating ground)
  • 2x digital output (160 mA)
Communication Card
  • Adapter card for connecting mini PCIe plug-in cards/M.2 cards
  • Processor Cortex®-M4 32-bit STM32F030CCT6

Two channels for communication modules:

  1. Mini PCIe: full or half-size format; alternatively internal USB interface
  2. Mini PCIe: full or half-size format; alternatively M.2: Key B; 30/42/50mm; alternatively, USB: Type A USB interface directly as external slot; optional slot with SIM card holder
Serial Card
  • Plug-in card for connecting serial communication devices
  • Real-time interface processing on processor Cortex®-M4 32-bit STM32F411CEU6

Two independent channels:

  1. Channel 1: Output RS485 / MODbus RTU, RS422 (Optional RS232)
  2. Channel 2: Output RS485 / MODbus, RS422 (Optional TTY)


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