First COM Express Compact computer module

congatec AG announces the conga-CLX, the first embedded computer module utilizing the miniaturized COM Express Compact standard

Deggendorf, November 28, 2005 - congatec AG presents the conga-CLX, the first COM (Computer on Module) based on the COM Express Compact form factor. The compact size of just 95x95mm provides the ability to easily integrate this module.
The conga-CLX is the first COM Express module offered by congatec. It's equipped with the low power consuming AMD Geode™ LX800 @ 500 MHz. This entry level module provides an easy transition to COM Express technology. All COM Express modules are legacy free, old PC interfaces i.e. PS/2 keyboard/mouse, RS232, LPT and ISA are no longer supported. The conga-CLX supports new interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA and LPC.
Upgrading to Gigabit Ethernet enables new possibilities for fast and flexible data transmission. The Serial ATA interface speeds up data throughput to new levels.
System expansions can be attached via the PCI bus. To control slower devices on the baseboard, the ISA compatible LPC (Low Pin Count) interface can be used. In principle the LPC bus is a serialized ISA bus. It's software compatible to the parallel ISA bus but it uses considerably fewer pins. A lot of devices with direct LPC support allow easy integration of low speed I/O's even without the ISA bus.
The low power consuming 500 MHz AMD Geode™ LX 800, combined with ACPI 2.0 and battery support, is very suitable for all types of mobile and fanless applications.
conga-CLX also features an integrated graphic controller and supports EPI (Embedded Panel Interface) for automatic detection of almost any flatpanel display. The video output can be routed to LVDS, analog VGA or TV-out.
All congatec boards are equipped with a board controller, which controls certain aspects of the congatec embedded BIOS. It's ability to isolate itself from the main x86 processor enhances embedded features such as system monitoring, watchdog timer, I²C bus. These features are also available while in standby mode.
Quantity price for the base version of the RoHS compliant conga-CLX starts at 180 Euros. conga-CLX will be available Q1/2006.