3.5” SBC

congatec 3.5” SBCs fit perfect in applications where a Mini-ITX is too big in terms of size and Pico-ITX has limitations relating to performance, I/O variety, expansion options or wide range DC-In.

On top of the onboard interface selection our 3.5” come with a striking variety of expansion sockets to offer extra functionality via add on cards. The strict industrial-grade design of our 3.5” boards transform this product into true industrial-grade solutions meeting highest expectations. 

Dedicated Cooling solutions for the new 3.5” SBC include heat spreaders, passive designs without moving parts for rugged applications as well as active coolers with integrated fan for high-performance use cases. Application-ready cooling solutions are a huge benefit for all OEMs looking for an easy-to-use, application-ready off-the-shelf platform.

Customers profit from lower design-in costs thanks to comprehensive technical consulting, personal integration support and extensive Board Support Packages. The high design quality of our 3.5” also results in lower maintenance and service costs, less replacement during operation, less system downtime, lower design change costs, lower power consumption and longer board life. These advantages make congatec 3.5” the right fit for usage in many demanding industrial use cases.



  • 3.5” dimensions 146 * 102 mm
  • Ready-to-use embedded platform
  • Reliable and rugged design
  • Development based on 15+ years of embedded experience
  • Long term availability (10+ years)
  • Consistent Industrial design 


  • 24/7 operation
  • Rich I/O feature set plus multiple expansion card sockets
  • CPU on backside to allow for easy system integration
  • High computing performance based on Intel embedded mobile CPUs
  • Enhanced security features with standard TPM 2.0 chip
  • Passive, active as well as heatspreader cooling options
  • Wide Range DC-In 12V – 24V
  • Long term availability 10+ years


Product Overview


Compact sized Carrier Board for ARM based SMARC 2.0 modules


Highest Performance 3.5'' Single Board Computer based on 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor series called "Whiskey Lake"


Compact sized Carrier Board for x86 based SMARC 2.0 modules