COM Express Type 10 Ecosystem

Transfer your designs to a new scale

Our COM Express Type 10 ecosystem brings the advantages of COM Express to small form factor designs with its credit-card sized modules. As the same connector technology and design guides are leveraged across the entire COM Express ecosystem, developers can now extend their COM Express based solutions to a new scale. For applications that require more performance and higher bandwidth than COM Express Mini can offer, developers should also evaluate our high-performance COM HPC Mini ecosystem. 

Details about the COM Express Type 10 Specification



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    Virtualization Ready
    • Intel Atom®, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron®
    • Rugged design with soldered processor and memory
    • Real-time capable with TCC and TSN
    • Inband ECC memory support
    • Extended temperature support
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    • 5th Generation Intel® Pentium®, Celeron® and Atom® processors
    • Rugged design with soldered processor and memory
    • Quadcore technology
    • Up to 4k display support
    • Extended temperature support
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    • Evaluation carrier board for COM Express Type 10
    • 2x PCIe card slots for 5 lanes
    • Schematics available on project basis