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x86ベース SMARC 2.1 モジュール用 コンパクトサイズのキャリアボード

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x86ベース SMARC 2.1 モジュール用 コンパクトサイズのキャリアボード

  • コンパクトサイズの SMARC 2.1 用キャリアボード
  • x86 ベースの SMARC 2.0 モジュールをサポート
  • すぐに使えるキャリアボード
  • 短期間にカスタマイズするためのプラットフォーム
  • 迅速な実装と市場投入までの時間短縮をサポート



Formfactor3.5" Carrier Board
Board VariantApplication Carrier Board for x86 based SMARC 2.0 modules
Internal Connectors and Features

1x LVDS 18/24bit single/dual channel LVDS
2x optional eDP/DSI (dependent on processor platform)
1x LCD backlight (5V and 12V)
1x SATA Gen3 (support of SATADOM VCC PIN 7 and PIN 8)
1x SATA Power (+5V, +12V)
1x mPCIe full/half size (support for PCIe Gen3 and USB 2.0)
1x M.2 Type E 2230 (I2S, PCIe Gen3, USB 2.0)
1x M.2 Type B 2242/2280 (2x PCIe Gen 3, USB 2.0)
2x MIPI-CSI 1x Micro SIM (muxed between M.2 Type B and mini PCIe)
2x RS 232/422/485 (COM 0 and COM 2 with handshake)
2x RS232 (COM 1 and COM3 TX/RX only)
2x CAN 1x Micro SD card 1x GPIO connector (up to 8 GPIO)
1x Feature connector (Batlow, Charging, GbE SDP, WD)
1x Buttons and LEDs (Power, Reset, Sleep, LID, Power LED, SATA LED)
1x Onboard power button 1x Onboard power state LED
1x SPI/eSPI header
1x I2C header
1x DMIC and analog front panel audio output
1x 12V FAN connector (4-pin)
1x RTC backup (CR2032)
1x Internal DC-In

External Connectors2x GbE RJ45
2x USB 2.0
2x USB 3.0/3.1
1x DP++
1x Audio Jack 4-pin with HDA audio ALC888S-VD
1x External DC-In (12-24V)
Power SpecificationExternal and internal DC-In (12-24V Wide Range Carrier Board Supply )
Operating TemperatureOperating Temp.: 0°C … +60°C  |  Storage Temp.: -20°C … +70°C
HumidityOperating Hum.: 10% - 90% r. H. non cond. |  Storage Hum.: 5% - 95% r. H. non cond.
Size146 x 102 mm (approx. 5.75" x 4.02")
Order InformationPN 020751 conga-SMC1/SMARC-x86



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conga-SMC1/SMARC-x86 (P/N 020751)

Application Carrier Board for x86 based SMARC 2.0 modules