Everyone - employees as well as externals

Suspected or known misconduct and violations of laws and regulations at congatec or along the supply chain.





  • Anonymity guaranteed
  • By telephone or e-mail via the independent ombudsperson
  • E-Mail: ombudsmann-congatec@sws-p.de
    Telefon: + 49 991-379175-293





  • To uncover misconduct
  • To point out weak points
  • To strengthen congatec in a sustainable way





Q1: What is an ombudsperson?

The Ombudsperson is an independent person who serves as a confidential contact for anyone who has concerns or suspicions about possible or known violations of laws, compliance policies or ethical standards and intends to report them. At congatec, the ombudsperson is an independent, external lawyer. 

Q2: How does the ombudsperson ensure the confidentiality of my reports?

The ombudsperson is committed to confidentiality. The identity of the reporting person is not disclosed unless the reporting person expressly gives their consent. Confidentiality is also strictly maintained when cooperating with the relevant departments within the company.

Q3: How is communication with the ombudsperson conducted?

The external ombudsperson can be contacted by e-mail as well as by telephone. The more information provided when reporting, the better the facts can be investigated. The exact contact options can be found above.

Q4: What kind of cases should be reported to the Ombudsperson?

Any suspicion of an actual or possible violation of applicable laws or internal regulations - including human rights and environmental risks or obligations. Misconduct such as workplace abuse, discrimination and harassment, and other ethical and legal concerns can also be reported to the Ombudsperson.

Q5: Will the reporter be protected?

Reporting persons who file complaints or tips in good faith will not be discriminated against or even sanctioned regardless of whether the suspicion is proved to be true or not.

Q6: Are all complaints and reports processed?

Yes, all reports, tips as well as complaints received will be tracked, processed and appropriate action will be taken. The more information provided at the time of reporting, the better the facts can be investigated.