ESD Information

One of congatec's main objectives is to continually enhance product functionality. To achieve this, the component placement on our products has become increasingly more dense. As a result of this, protecting products against electrostatic discharge has become more and more important.

There is a strong possibility that electronic components can be heavily damaged, or their features compromised, by electrostatic discharge thereby resulting in undesired behavior. To avoid this problem and to ensure proper functionality it is necessary to comply with the regulations set forth for handling electrostatic sensitive devices, which describes preventive actions and precautions.

The handling of electrostatic sensitive devices is only permitted at an electrostatic‑free workstation. When outside an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area), electrostatic sensitive devices must be protected against electrostatic discharge by using the product's protective packaging. congatec AG follows the regulations set forth in EN 61340-5-1 with regards to product handling and packaging.

We would like take this opportunity to ask that you pay special attention to protecting congatec AG products from electrostatic discharge during evaluation, testing, as well as product integration into your application. When outside an EPA, the original packaging or any similar protective packaging must be used. Return of a congatec AG product can only be accepted if the device is contained within its original manufacturer's packaging or something similar. Please be advised that failure to comply with this guideline will void the congatec AG Limited Warranty.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not familiar with the electrostatic sensitive device  issue and require more information about this subject.