conga-SEVAL Carrier Board

To achieve a quick start with SMARC congatec offers an evaluation carrier board, which routes all the SMARC signals to standard interface connectors.


  • 1x PCIe x4 | 1x miniPCIe | 1x PCIe x1 | 1x M.2 socket Key E
  • 1x SATA
  • 1x USB 3.0 | 1x USB 2.0 | 1x micro USB 2.0 (OTG) | 1x USB Type C with PD and DP1 via Alternate Mode
  • 2x RS-232 (1x internal RX/TX on pinheader, 1x RX/TX w/ handshake on DSUB9)
  • 2x CAN
  • GPIO
  • 1x SDIO interface
  • 2x I²C Bus
  • 1x eSPI/SPI1 on header
  • 1x SPI Bus
  • 1x FAN control
  • 1x Disk Drive Power Output

Internal Graphic Interface

  •  2x24 bit LVDS connector shared with 2x eDP or 2xDSI

External Graphic Interfaces

  • 1x DP++
  • 1x HDMI


  • I2S Audio interface and HDA interface