congatec Module Services

Shorten your time-to-market and improve design quality

Information Sources

Users Guides
Accurate and detailed product related information

Application & Tech Notes
Specific solutions described in detail i.e. benchmarks, power consumption measurements for different CPUs use cases, and details about the enhanced congatec BIOS features

Design Guides
Deep technical “how to” for carrier boards, battery managers, and more

Reference Schematics
Schematics and layout files to be used as a blueprint for your carrier board designs

Services for the Project Definition Phase

Product Selection Support
SBC, COM or full custom design?
Forward looking I/O selection, ...

Design-In Training
Engineering trainings covering all aspects
of carrier board designs

Services for the Design Phase

Design Guides
In depth best practice solutions

Reference Schematics
High level starting point for own designs

Component Selection
Support to find the right functionality, costs, availability, ...

Signal Integrity Simulation
High speed simulation allows layout adjustments before the
first prototypes are produced

Schematic Review
Check the design to recognize problems at an early stage

Layout Review
Detailed check and best practice advice from our specialists

BIOS/UEFI/Firmware Customization
Implementation of customized features or settings

Bring-Up Support
congatec engineering support to bring life to the first
prototypes quickly

Services for the Validation Phase

Compliance Measurements
Measurement of the signal integrity up to 36 GHz for Rx and Tx signal path

Thermal Solutions
Optimized cooling solutions featuring heat stacks, heat pipes or vapor chambers

Customized Article Handling
Handling of manufacturing and logistics requirements

Support for EMC Measurements
Engineering support to optimize the designs to EMC

Reliability calculations based on different standards
i.e. Telcordia 3, SN 29500, IEC 61709, ...