Embedded Technologies

Innovative Solutions for Next-Gen Embedded Computing

Our diverse range of cutting-edge solutions delivers next-level innovation and efficiency to your projects. Discover real-time virtualization, high-performance cooling, and IoT platform solutions, all tailored to meet your specific computing and connectivity needs.


A real-time hypervisor enables running multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform.

Hard real-time and determinism for high-performance control systems are maintained through temporal isolation of workloads.

  • Reduce system count to optimize cost, reliability, and ROI
  • Move from complex, distributed systems to a consolidated, simplified design
  • Harness the full power of each core of x86 multicore processors

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Cooling solutions

Optimized cooling solutions for embedded systems help to save cost, extend system lifespan, and enhance performance.

Deploying an advanced cooling solution is also a must to exploit the full potential of the system’s processor power effectively.

  • Powerful active cooling solutions for high-end modules
  • Passive cooling for high-performance edge servers
  • Efficient cooling solutions for fully sealed systems

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Embedded BIOS

congatec has equipped its modules with extended embedded BIOS/UEFI capabilities for the unique needs of embedded systems.

Thanks to our onboard microcontroller, customers benefit from features such as system monitoring, multi-stage watchdog, and enhanced safety.

  • Simplified customization
  • Hardware health monitoring
  • Optimized power management

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