Chinese energy grid gets edge server layer

Embedded server technology for the edge of smart grids

Tencent’s energy IoT partner wants to change the way how distributed energy production and  consumption  are  managed  by  implementing  a  new  monitoring,  management  and   control layer of distributed edge servers. These new small and rugged but nevertheless tough and powerful high-speed devices can connect in real time to all the decentralized devices relevant for energy management. First implementations of this new edge sever layer  can  be  found  in  Shanghai  Business  Park.  They  are  built  on  real-time  capable   Server-on-Modules   from   congatec,   which   offer   a   wide   performance   and   interface    scalability from Intel® Xeon® to Intel® Atom® C3xxx processors to meet the given local needs in a flexible and highly automated way.



Smart grid technologies get deployed in the power production, distribution and consumption sectors. Many new requirements occur in the power consumption sector right now due to regenerative energy as well as energy management demands. The new edge server platform is designed to manage everything needed within the power consumption segment – from microgrids up to smart cities that include various regenerative power sources and thus local load balancing.


The edge server hardware platform is scalable in terms of processor performance and I/O interfaces within a single system design due to the modular approach of Server-on-Module designs. They are based on the COM Express Type 7 specification, released by the PICMG standardization body. The hardware vendor is congatec, who – in cooperation with its Chinese VAR as well as Intel – is providing the entire hardware platform including all required tests and services.


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