Why should you buy DRAMs directly from congatec?

Just selecting known DRAM suppliers does not automatically result in a high reliable computing platform. There are much more parameters to be checked to find the best solution.


At congatec we have a detailed memory qualification process in place to be able to provide highest reliability:


Data Sheet Check
All mechanical and electrical data of a potential new memory module are checked by data sheet. If it qualifies to our requirements we get samples for testing.

Mechanical Check
Size, Thickness and Fitting for all relevant congatec products is test

Electrical Check
- Windows Installation
- Suspend to RAM (S3) & Restart Cycles
- Test Cycles with 13 different automated test sequences

Reliability Check
The electrical tests are performed 3-5 days at full temperature range
-10°C to +70°C for commercial grade memories
-50°C to +90°C for industrial grade memories

Compatibility Check
This test utilizes different operating systems and are performed for all related congatec products

Test Report
A detailed test report documenting all described steps is created

If all tests are positive then the memory module is released for the use of congatec products.


DDR4 SODIMM datasheets


Please note that congatec will only provide technical support for issues related to memory modules that have been qualified and approved by congatec.

Using congatec tested and approved memories, in combination with your selected congatec product, ensures highly reliable solutions.

For more information contact your congatec sales representative.

This is one more step for our promise: “Embedded in your success.”