Environmental Commitment

(Environmental Policy)

As a company, we strive to retain natural resources and reduce the environmental burden of waste and emission into air, water and land. By means of continuous improvement, we will achieve sustainable products and manufacturing processes. 

Thus, congatec Group complies with the current valid legislation and furthermore shares the vision of reducing energy consumption throughout the lifecycle of its products, conserving resources, actively replacing components containing hazardous chemicals and conserve the current biodiversity as laid out in the Sony Group Environmental Vision. As a company, congatec Group aims at industry-leading environmental performance while reducing the environmental impact caused by our activities and aligning profitability with environmental responsibility. 

The company will continuously improve its environmental performance through the following aspects: 

  • We provide product-specific declarations of compliance for regulations such as RoHS, REACH, POP, TSCA, Prop65 and the Montreal Protocol upon request and we generally strive to make our products as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. Thus, congatec Group strives for RoHS exemption-free products and to continuously replace components containing high amounts of hazardous substances (substances of very high concern – SVHCs) as part of our Chemicals in Products (CiP) management.
  • congatec Group declares its products to be free of asbestos, latex and radioactive substances and advises the contract manufacturers to avoid chemicals which deplete the ozone layer.
  • Information about Conflict Minerals in our supply chain are collected in regular time intervals and the smelters reported in the current Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) according to the Dodd-Frank-Act. We request from our suppliers to replace high risk smelter in their own supply chain.
  • Commitment to the Sony Group Environmental Vision including the Road to Zero with its relevant legislation and regulations for the control of environment-related substances in parts and materials.
  • Creating a culture of personal ownership regarding environmental conservation and promote e.g., water saving, waste separation and reduction in the company as well as in the everyday life of the employees.
  • The prevention of air, water, land and noise pollution by e.g., encouraging remote working or ensuring the use of recycled material for the packaging as well as adequate recycling of our products. Energy consumption in general is an important factor for the company with the goal of energy efficiency being a top priority and being regularly reviewed in the energy audit.
  • Implementation and review of objectives and targets according to environmental standards while continuously monitoring regulations applicable to our market.
  • Regular communication on environmental topics with all people working for or on behalf of the organization with the goal of raising environmental awareness.

If you have any environmental concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact environmental-management@congatec.com

You can also download our Environmental Policy as a pdf file: