Technik für Kinder e. V.

Since 2011, congatec has been one of the sponsors of the TfK – Technik für Kinder association (for more information please see Getting children enthusiastic about technology is equivalent to securing our economic future. Scientific studies have shown that 80 % of individuals who decide on a technology profession already made this decision during their childhood. But where can a child learn „technology“? Too little is being done to foster young and up-and-coming technicians and technologists, and to generate enthusiasm among children for technology – which doubtless forms the basis for the economic and commercial success of many companies.


This is where the not-for-profit association „TfK – Technik für Kinder“ comes in. The association organizes projects where primary and secondary schoolchildren can engage with technical topics, and, in particular, become enthusiastic about technology through „doing it themselves“, and a hands-on and practical approach.