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conga-MCB|COM Express

The conga-MCB is a full featured carrier board for COM Express Compact with Type 2 pinout.

  • Mini Carrier Board for COM Express
  • Supporting Compact Type 2 Modules
  • Complete Set of IOs
  • Size 95x145 mm²


  • 1x miniPCI Express Socket
  • 1x RJ45 connector with integrated Gigabit Ethernet Transformer
  • 1x CFAST Socket, 2x SATA, 1x 4 bit SD Card Socket
  • 2x USB at the front panel, 4x USB pin header, On board PC speaker
  • Line Out, Mic In at front panel
  • 1x Display Port from DDI port C and 1x HDMI from SDVO port B
  • LVDS interface (EPI - Embedded Panel Interface) 40 pin 1 mm 2
  • Rows box header
  • Backlight connector, 4 pin 2.00 mm box header
  • On board lithium battery for CMOS backup and real time clock
  • All signals for ACPI battery support (conga-SBMC²) at the feature
  • connector
  • 5pin Micro-Fit Power Connector (12V and 5V STB)
  • 3 pin Fan header, 12 V and tacho signal
  • 145 x 95 mm


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Ecosystem Details


conga-MCB/COM Express (P/N 020715)

Mini Carrier Board for COM Express with smart battery manager interface for mobile applications.


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