Rugged ETX® module with fast ISA Bus

Featuring onboard DRAM and PCI-to-ISA bridge: conga-ELXeco is the rugged replacement for ISA based ETX® solutions

Deggendorf, November 27, 2007 – congatec announces the availability of the conga-ELXeco, a rugged and economically priced ETX® module. This ETX 2.7 compliant Computer-On-Module is highly suitable as a direct replacement for all applications utilizing the ISA bus.

The ISA bus is dying, at least that's been the prediction for many years. Reality is that many industrial applications still depend on a reliable and fast ISA implementation.

The conga-ELXeco is designed to address this issue. It is equipped with the AMD Geode™ LX800 and features a PCI-to-ISA bridge. Due to the low power consumption of the 500 MHz processor the conga-ELXeco is  perfectly suited for all types of mobile and fan less applications.
Onboard soldered 128 MByte DDR memory is ideally suited for high shock and vibration environments. This enables the use of Computer-On-Module technologies for many industrial applications.
conga-ELXeco also features an integrated graphic controller and supports EPI (Embedded Panel Interface) for automatic detection of almost any flat panel display. The video output can be routed to LVDS and analogue VGA.

The onboard CompactFlash socket provides the ability to use cost effective CF cards as a reliable mass storage device.

All congatec boards are equipped with a board controller, which controls certain aspects of the congatec embedded BIOS. It's ability to isolate itself from the main x86 processor enhances embedded features such as system monitoring, watchdog timer, and I²C bus. These features are also available while in standby mode.

The conga-ELXeco embedded computer module with a 128 MByte of onboard DDR RAM is available now. Single unit price is 129 Euro + tax.