First XTX embedded computer module available

The conga-X845, the very first module based on the new XTX Standard, features the latest I/O interfaces and state of the art computing performance

Deggendorf, August 26, 2005 - congatec AG is proud to present the very first COM (Computer On Module) based on the new XTX standard. The conga-X845 is backwards compatible to ETX® and replaces the ISA bus with 2x SATA, 6x USB 2.0 and a LPC bus.

The conga-X845 is the first embedded computer module in the fast growing XTX family. It features Intel processors up to Pentium M 1.4 GHz (738). It's ETX® compatible but replaces the ISA bus signals with SATA, additional USB 2.0, LPC Bus and fan control.
Due to the very low power consumption of the 600 MHz Intel Celeron M version and ACPI 2.0 battery support, the conga-X845 is well suited for all types of mobile and fanless applications.
The Intel 82845GV chipset has an integrated Intel Extreme Graphics engine. The congatec embedded BIOS enables automatic display detection and supports almost every flatpanel display. Video output is possible via LVDS, DVO or analog VGA.
As a replacement to the no longer supported ISA bus, conga-X845 offers the LPC (Low Pin Count) bus. The LPC bus corresponds approximately to a serialized ISA bus yet with a significantly reduced number of pins. Due to the software compatibility to the ISA bus, I/O extensions can be easily implemented.
The congatec board controller plays an important role for most of the congatec embedded BIOS features. It fully isolates some of the embedded features such as system monitoring or the I²C bus from the x86 core architecture, which results in higher embedded feature performance and more reliability even when the system is in standby mode.
The RoHS compliant conga-X845 without CPU cache, based on the Intel Celeron M 600 MHz, is available now for a quantity base price of approximately 200 Euros.