congatec Starter Kit Enables Use of Intel® Atom™ Low-Power Technology in Vehicles

Munich, electronica, November 11, 2008   * * *  Applications based on the latest Intel® Atom™ processors offer high performance with minimal power consumption and are thus optimal for use on the go.  Especially in cars, the symbol of mobility in our age, numerous applications are possible. congatec AG, in cooperation with Intel, Xilinx and Wind River, has developed a new starter kit to demonstrate the successful implementation of modern PC technology in demanding in-vehicle applications. With the comprehensive conga-IVI Starter Kit automotive solutions can be quickly and easily created.

Centerpiece of the conga-IVI starter kit (IVI stands for “in-vehicle infotainment) is the COM Express-compatible conga-CA PC module. This module measures just 95 x 95 mm and is based on an Intel® Atom™ Z530 processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz and the corresponding Intel® system controller hub US15W. The conga-CA features many standard PC interfaces, such as two PCI Express lanes, eight USB 2.0 hubs, two serial ATA ports, LPC, SDIO, Intel® High Definition Audio as well as a high-performance integrated graphics card. Featuring 1 GByte of DRAM, the conga-CA is ideal for multimedia functions.

The PC module is plugged into the basis board that comes with the conga-IVI kit. Approximately the size of a car radio, this basis board is designed for use in a DIN slot shell and comes equipped with sturdy plug-in connectors. All standard vehicle interfaces such as CAN bus and MOST bus are available. In addition to an FM radio tuner, a display connection with touch screen support as well as Bluetooth for communication with mobile telephones are included. Numerous USB interfaces, a mini PCI Express slot as well as an SDIO interface allow flexible adaptation of the system to the most diverse applications.

The starter kit includes a comprehensive software application package which demonstrates possible applications in a simple form. The electronics as well as the application software can be used as a basis for new developments.

The conga-IVI kit comes complete with all necessary cables as well as a 7” LVDS touch panel with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, suitable for vehicles. Also included are a 12V power chord, a Slimline DVD drive, a 4 GByte flash drive, a USB GPS receiver, a WLAN card and all necessary antennae.

The conga-IVI starter kit will be available from December 2008 for US$ 2500, plus tax.


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