AMIBIOS®8 Selected by congatec AG

American Megatrends will provide congatec AG, an embedded computer manufacturer, with AMIBIOS8 system software that will be integrated into all of its products

Nuremberg, Germany (Wednesday, February 23, 2003) American Megatrends Inc. (AMI), a leading provider of computer technologies, today announced that congatec AG, a vendor of embedded computer boards & modules with extended BIOS features, selected AMIBIOS8 as the core firmware system for its entire product line. congatec will announce the first product at Embedded World 2005 in Nuremberg, Germany.

AMI's long history as a provider of AMIBIOS will support congatec's leap into the fast growing embedded computer technology market. congatec will take advantage of AMIBIOS technologies and support to offer extended BIOS features.

"We are impressed by the extremely stable AMIBIOS firmware, which will enable congatec to offer a robust platform for its embedded products," said Christian Riesinger, Congatec  Software Manager. "By selecting AMIBIOS as our core firmware, we are guaranteed a stable, well tested and known solution that supports all industry standards and will be a great fit for our embedded modular boards. AMI is much more than just an execellent partner - with AMI's Recovery and Pre-Boot Applications (PBA), congatec is able to offer the most complete firmware solution to our customers."

"AMI is committed to serving with leading embedded board manufacturer congatec and is dedicated to providing increased ROI by reducing time to market and giving outstanding support" said Imran Ahmad, AMI software sales manager for the East Coast and EMEA.

The modular structure of AMIBIOS8 will make porting and customization a straightforward task. The modular structure is ideal for embedded products as developers can utilize only those BIOS modules that are necessary to their specific design, which saves space in the BIOS footprint as well as the EPROM chip. congatec will also be using VeB development environment enhance BIOS development and help to shorten time to market. The modular design of AMIBIOS8, superior development tools and system management features make AMIBIOS8 a great choice for embedded devices.