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Technical Videos

Benefits of Computer-On-Modules

There is a constant drive to reduce power consumption, weight and increase the portability of embedded devices. Computer-on-Modules can address those needs. Learn more about the different types of architectures available; specifically COM Express, SMARC & Qseven and benefits of Computer-on-Modules for your application. Standards:COM Express: 2.0 - A New Standard to Bridge the Gap between Qseven and COM Express Express is heading towards “Server-on-Module”

congatec's Single Board Computers offer a rich industrial feature set for embedded applications

Single Board Computers (SBC) offer the best cost solutions for many applications. congatec’s industrial Thin Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX products provide a strong embedded feature set at competitive price levels. All boards are expandable by Mini PCI Express or M.2 slots and allow for project based hardware and BIOS customization.The Pico-ITX Boards are based on Intel® Atom™ processing power and the Thin Mini-ITX boards scale up to Intel™ Core™ i7 performance. Both platforms support the latest generation of embedded Intel processor technologies and long term availability of 7+ years.SBC-Whitepaper: Mini-ITX products: our Pico-ITX products:

Create and Add Custom BIOS/CMOS Default Settings to Embedded BIOS Using congatec CGUTIL

Video showing the creation and addition of custom OEM CMOS defaults to the congatec Embedded BIOS. Additional information can be found in applicaton note 8 and 10 on the congatec website.

Create and Add EPI/EDID to Embedded BIOS Using CGUTIL by congatec Application Engineer

The congatec system utility software (CGUTIL) has many built in features and capabilities to modify your embedded BIOS used on congatec Computer on Modules (COM). This video details some of the information contained in application note 12.

Add OEM Option ROM to the Embedded BIOS Using congatec System Utility Software (CGUTIL)

OEM BIOS modules can be used to add OEM defined data or code blocks to the system BIOS. By setting the load time, execution time, and load address values within the header, OEMs can define when the respective module should be loaded into RAM and executed during BIOS POST. OEM BIOS code modules may be used to perform custom specific hardware initialization, pre-boot software checks, user authentication, or even skip parts of the BIOS boot process and create own boot loaders.

Install an OEM BIOS Splash Screen Using congatec System Utility Software (CGUTIL) by congatec AE

Video showing the use of the congatec System Utility (CGUTIL) software to modify the system BIOS. In this example, it shows the editing of a JPG file, creation of a BIOS suitable module, and adding the module to the modules BIOS.

Choosing the Right Computer-On-Module from congatec......

Dan Demers from congatec, Inc. discusses the four major industry standards for Computer-On-Modules.