congatec COM-Express modules with 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors for Medical applications

Medical Interview with Christian Eder, Director Marketing, congatec.

What sort of processing requirements are you seeing today in medical imaging applications, and what is driving these requirements?
In the medical imaging arena we experience an increasingly broadening range of processing demands. The processing power has to increase exponentially to create viewable images out of the generated raw data from the imaging sensors, ideally in real-time with ever increasing resolutions and higher frame rates. To efficiently handle these increasing workloads, imaging applications today rely on parallel computing leveraging the multi-core capabilities of the CPU as well as the compute units of the graphics processing units as a GPGPU. Due to their massive parallelized compute units the Intel UHD Graphics 630 can be used as a GPGPU and has also the capability to replace proprietary and therefore complex FPGA/ASICS based designs...

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