COM Express Battery Management Module Extends Operational Lifetime

congatec AG has introduced a SMART Battery Manager Module to support its popular range of COM Express™ modules.

Nuremberg, Embedded World, Germany, February 26, 2008   * * *  congatec AG, a leading innovator in embedded computing, has introduced a SMART Battery Manager Module to support its popular range of COM Express embedded modules.

The conga-SBM²C SMART Battery Manager Module joins the company’s original conga-SBM2 to meet the current demand for a flexible embedded battery management module. While the original conga-SBM2 is suitable for all congatec XTX modules, the 68mm x 110mm x 12.5mm conga-SBM²C module targets the COM ExpressTM standard, by providing 12V/70W in addition to 5V/30W from a single 19V supply with suspend to RAM capability.

The module offers parallel battery operation (sequential on demand) for cell configurations between 2S1P and 4S3P. LEDs provide a direct view of charging and battery capacity status. The battery manager module can be quickly evaluated using the corresponding starter kit, which includes all the necessary cables as well as a SMART battery.

With the support of leading innovators such as congatec AG, mobile applications designed around the numerous industry standard embedded computing form factors are becoming more prevalent. While these standards differ in their application areas, they all share a common feature – the need for intelligent battery management. The conga-SBM²C and its corresponding starter kit enables developers to create power supplies that can maximize operational time between charges, while extending the lifetime and efficiency of SMART batteries.

Gerhard Edi, congatec’s CTO, says: “The battery management system for embedded applications, using modules such as XTX™ and COM Express™, needs to be as flexible as the modules because of the special requirements of mobile power supplies.”

SMART batteries provide performance data, which intelligent management modules like the conga-SBM²C can use to extend the performance of mobile devices. Through their use, catastrophic system failures caused by unexpected battery failures can be avoided, preserving valuable system data and the overall user experience.

The SMART Battery Management Module for COM Express and the conga-SBM²C kit are available now.