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congatec Product Lifetime Policy

Mass Production Qualification

All congatec AG products are tested throughout their development stage as well as their manufacturing stage with well-supervised proven test methods and strategies. Every congatec project that results in a consumer product is subjected to an approval test according to congatec AG specifications and standards, which involves a 100% functionality test using instruments specifically designed for functionality testing. Each product must pass this approval test before they are released for mass production. Additionally random sample inspections are performed during mass production runs.

Mass Production

Contract Manufacturer Selection Process

Our contract manufacturers must fulfill congatec's strict requirements concerning production and test methodology. They must have a minimum certification status of ISO 9001.


Contract Manufacturer Matrix (second source)

congatec's Product Manufacturer Matrix guarantees one main manufacturer and a second source manufacturer for every product family.



congatec ensures that all active components are traceable to the manufacturing source of that particular component.


All congatec AG products are designed for industrial embedded computer technology applications. All computer modules are targeted to have a lifetime availability of a minimum of 5 years. This policy is secured by carefully selecting long life components and through the use of contractual agreements with suppliers as much as possible within the computer industry.
congatec modules are based on industrial or official standards. Replacement of one module by a successor module will be the result of technical innovations and advancements thereby guaranteeing that congatec AG products offer the latest technology available.

Product Change Notifications (PCN)

If a significant product change is necessary due to component availability or technical reasons, our customers will be informed via a PCN (Product Change Notification). Each PCN documents information about the changes as well as information about fit and function compatibility.

End of Life (EoL) Policy

Once it is confirmed that a congatec AG product has reached its “End of Life”, customers will be informed immediately. Individual agreements with regards to last orders will be established at this time.

Lifetime Engineering Support

congatec AG engineering support is guaranteed throughout a products lifetime. Engineering support beyond a products lifetime will be offered for a fee equivalent to fair market value.