IoT migration made easier

Scalable IoT gateway solutions

More manufacturers of computer technology for harsh environments are expanding their hardware offerings with the right ‘glue logic’ to develop IoT solutions. congatec advocates vendor-independent standardization to ensure that these solutions remain scalable in line with requirements.

Machine and system providers need a flexible and scalable migration path to develop their IoT offering. It is an advantage if they have access to application ready platforms that scale on demand and can both integrate existing sensor systems and support new solutions. Modular embedded computer technology based on Computer-on-Modules is ideal for such solutions as it allows highly flexible configuration to meet the application and performance demands while also enabling cost-effective implementation of customer-specific carrier boards. However, modules and matching carrier boards alone do not make an IoT gateway solution; standardized, application ready, hardware abstraction middleware is also needed. That’s why it makes sense for embedded manufacturers to provide their OEM customers with the right ‘glue logic’ enabling them to implement their IoT solutions from ‘sandbox’ to a fully connected cyber-physical factory. Such standardized middleware ensures that applications can be deployed on suitable hardware without changing the hardware access logic.

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