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Meet us at EdgeTech+ 2022, Booth No. B-L15, Yokohama Exhibition Hall

2022 is the year of edge computing. The need to lower latency and to reduce energy-hungry data traffic over long distances is constantly growing. This is rapidly driving up demand for powerful edge solutions that can process data in real time directly where they are generated, even in harsh environmental conditions. This trend is now accelerated by the availability of new embedded platforms that empower the whole breadth of applications. From modular edge servers that deliver unparalleled computing performance in a highly rugged design, to low-power applications with high AI capabilities in a small footprint. 

At EdgeTech+ 2022, congatec will be presenting its extensive portfolio of Computer-on-Modules for all types of edge applications, ranging from 5G-distributed cells for fast communications and powerful edge servers that can consolidate many different workloads with real-time control on one single platform for robotics and autonomous vehicles, to small and cost-efficient video installations with integrated AI in retail and security appliances. 

With our Computer-on-Modules, you gain the flexibility to scale the computing power precisely to the needs of your application, enabling application-specific price and performance balancing next to load balancing. So, make sure you visit our booth B-L15 and check out our edge computing portfolio: 

Powerful COM-HPC Server modules with latest Intel Xeon processor technology featuring up to 20 cores

With the new COM-HPC Server ecosystem, high-performance designs can for the first time move from air-conditioned server rooms to the rugged field of mobile and outdoor edge server applications. To this end, we not only showcase application-ready modules but also boast a complete ecosystem consisting of modules, carrier boards and powerful cooling solutions.

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High-performance Computer-on-Modules based on 12th Gen Intel Core processors for multipurpose edge computing tasks requiring AI and graphics capabilities.

congatec’s flagship COM HPC Client and COM Express Type 6 modules impress with dedicated AI engines supporting Windows ML, Intel OpenVINO toolkit and Chrome Cross ML. The different AI workloads can be seamlessly delegated to the P-cores, E-cores and the GPU execution units to process even the most compute-intensive edge AI tasks. The built-in Intel Deep Learning boost technology leverages different cores via Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), and the integrated graphics supports AI accelerated DP4a GPU instructions. 

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AI for the Edge - object detection on multiple video streams in real-time

Low-power edge AI vision solutions for processing multiple video streams with advanced analytics algorithms simultaneously.

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Functional safety (FuSa) demo application consolidating safety-critical and non-safety-critical tasks on one single platform for robotics, autonomous vehicles and mobile machines.

Our functionally safe embedded computing platforms are specifically designed for the many new and emerging applications requiring functional safety (FuSa). In all of these applications there is also a trend towards hardware consolidation that leads to the need to operate mixed-critical applications on functionally safe multicore embedded systems to manage multiple safety and non-safety-critical tasks in parallel. Here, our multicore platforms based on Intel Elkhart Lake technology with Intel Safety Island are an ideal fit. 

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COM-HPC design for 5G networking and telecommunication infrastructures

One very important building block for edge technology is wireless connectivity to enable real-time communication between the devices and the edge or cloud servers. congatec is presenting such a building block for the design of 5G solutions, from distributed radio units to complete 5G Radio Access Network configurations with backhaul connection to the core network including a full FlexRAN software stack. 

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