COM-HPC Mini Ecosystem

Upcoming high-performance standard in a nearly credit-card sized form factor

Our upcoming COM-HPC Mini ecosystem offers extraordinary performance and I/O density for space- and power-restricted applications. Target use cases can be found in all next-generation high-end embedded systems, including embedded vision for which it also offers two MIPI-CSI interfaces.

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Virtualization Ready
  • 13th Generation Intel® Core™
  • Intel® Xe graphics engine
  • Rugged soldered processor
  • Industrial temperature support
  • PCIe Gen 4
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  • Based on conga-HPC/mRLP-i5-1345URE
  • High-Performance configuration with 2 pre-configured virtual machines
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  • Compact Application Carrier for COM-HPC Mini Modules
  • Scalable 3.5” motherboard
  • Longevity by module concept
  • Quick start for COM-HPC Mini designs