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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is a conservative Market with strong focus on reliability and long term perspectives. Demanding environments require highest (“industry-proof”) quality and dependability. 

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Building Technology

Building Technology spreads widely from classical Automation and Control functions across smart metering devices down to micro-sized, low-energy embedded functions in smart sensors, local control units and Human interface devices.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is one of today’s fastest growing markets. Digital Signage Systems select and transfer pre-defined content to graphical outputs (screens). High-End systems are capable to recognize and address their specific target groups and to select or generate the appropriate content

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Energy Emerging Technologies namely the use of renewable resources is highly dependent on proper process control to ensure maximum efficiency even in a harsh environment. 

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Medical has a unique demand for highest safety and reliability meeting regulatory requirements. Applications range from demanding computing requirements for optical Analysis like CRT, MRT and Ultrasonic to compact, low power mobile diagnostic

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Point of Sale (POS) / Kiosk

POS / Kiosk  is a dynamic market powered by the trends to cashless payment and comfortable self-service stations. Applications range from small and mobile payment devices up to fully featured

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