congatec AG sales up by a staggering 61%

18.9 Million Euros Revenue in the First Half of 2010

Deggendorf, 23rd August 2010 * * * congatec AG, a leading manufacturer of industrial computer modules, reports sales of €18.9 million for the first six months of 2010. When compared to 2009 revenue, which stood at €11.7 million after the first six months, congatec has so far achieved an overall increase of 61.5% in revenue for 2010.

"We have successfully weathered the economic crisis," states Gerhard Edi, CEO of congatec AG. "The fact that our customers are placing more and more orders indicates that their confidence in the economy has increased and they are optimistic about the future. Technically, we are at the leading edge and our business model has proven itself during the economic crisis. All this is reflected by the €19 million worth of order entries in our books, which is a 150% increase over last year."

Axel Petrak, board member responsible for marketing and sales at congatec AG, added: "The economic upturn has arrived in Europe. This year also saw the start-up of a large number of new projects in Asia and the US in particular. For the second half of the year, we plan to consistently expand our sales activities in regions such as England, Scandinavia and Russia as well as Israel. Our order books are well filled so we expect to end the year with further revenue growth."