Advantech, Ampro and congatec Announce New XTX Alliance

Advantech, Ampro and congatec, three leading embedded platform providers, announced today a new alliance to help promote the XTX standard for computer on modules.

Taipei, Taiwan, June 7, 2006 - Advantech, Ampro and congatec, three leading embedded platform providers, announced today a new alliance to help promote the XTX standard for computer on modules. The goal is to provide existing ETX® users with a logical and cost effective upgrade path that avoids large-scale carrier board redesign and provides access to the newest serial technologies such as PCI-Express, SATA and LPC. All embedded industrial platform providers are invited to join the new XTX alliance in order to help drive and develop the specification further.

XTX was developed by the above founding members to evolve the ETX standard and close the gap between ETX and COM Express. Customers looking for a logical and cost effective upgrade path from ETX to high performance I/Os can now choose the XTX form factor rather than re-engineer their designs. XTX maintains the same mechanical dimensions and connectors so ETX solution developers can keep their existing carrier board and heat spreader designs giving them a quick, simple, risk-free way to upgrade to state-of-the-art technologies such as PCIe, SATA, LPC, ExpressCard, high definition audio and additional USB ports. The XTX specification now offers the best upgrade path for legacy ETX solution developers by reducing risks and costs while speeding up development and market release time. Each alliance member brings to the specification many years of experience and expertise in the embedded industrial market field.

"In addition to maintaining the commitment to develop SOM-ETX, Advantech has joined the alliance with Ampro and congatec in order to work on the XTX standard so that we can provide the most compatible and best price/performance solutions. By adapting XTX, our SOM-ETX customers can easily upgrade to state-of-the-art processors and chipset solutions that support high performance I/O technologies such as PCI-Express and SATA while keeping the original form factor." said Jeff Chen, Advantech CTO.

"Our target for XTX is to provide customers a bridge between ETX and PCI Express," states Gerhard EDI, CTO of congatec. "The XTX solution still allows the customer to utilize all the know-how and resources that they have accumulated over the years while designing ETX applications. This provides the customer with a solution that is fast to market and cost effective, which are two major points to consider when upgrading to new technologies."

"For 23 years, Ampro has earned a reputation for creating modular computing standards for the embedded market, such as PC/104, EBX, EPIC, and EPIC Express," said Joanne Mumola Williams, president and CEO of Ampro. "Endorsing the XTX specification signifies Ampro's intention to join other key suppliers to strengthen this new industry standard so that OEMs have a clean way to migrate to new processor and chipset technologies."

XTX brings together all the advantages of ETX and extends them to include PCIe and other industrial features with less redesign risk to customers' own carrier boards. ETX developers can now quickly extend and expand their existing solutions, maximize their investment and reach the market faster.