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Qseven是尺寸仅为70x70mm²最小的from factor。适用于低功耗和移动应用的产业。

产品概述 Qseven 定义

SMARC 2.0 - A New Standard to Bridge the Gap between Qseven and COM Express with a size of 82 x 50 mm² only.


Product overview SMARC definition

Type 7
congatec offers COM ExpressModules with Type 7 pinout on basic (125x95mm²) form factor.

Product overview COM Express definition

Mini-ITX is a 17 × 17 cm (6.7 × 6.7 in) low-power motherboard form factor. 

Product overview

Pico-ITX is a small Single Board Computer Formfactor with 100 x 72 mm (3.9” x 2,8”).

Product overview

Type 6
康佳特提供全系列COM Express Type6模块,包含basic (125x95mm²) 和compact (95x95mm²)尺寸

产品概述 COM Express 定义