conga-QA space-saving module now allows two operating systems to run in parallel

System solution hardware costs can be reduced by up to 50%

Nuremberg, SPS/IPC/DRIVES, 25 November 2008  * * *  congatec AG has announced the successful testing of its recently launched conga-QA computer module with the new Hypervisor Software 2.0 from Real-Time Systems (RTS). The Qseven embedded PC module conga-QA now allows any two operating systems to be run in parallel – independently from one another and with real-time capability – even where space is at a premium.

Based on the most up-to-date Intel® Atom™ Z530 processor and the Intel® System Controller Hub US15W, the new conga-QA now also provides support for Intel® hyper-threading and virtualization. Thanks to this technology, two operating systems can be run independently of one another and in parallel, even though only one processor core is physically present. From a software point of view, the arrangement represents a dual-core system.

RTS Hypervisor’s new version 2.0 makes it possible to use more than one operating system simultaneously and completely independently on just one hardware platform. With this arrangement, the individual CPUs, devices, the memory and the I/O ports are directly and exclusively allocated to the individual operating systems. This logical separation allows the operating systems to be started or rebooted in any desired order without affecting the function of any of the other systems.

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows CE, Linux, Pre-Emptive Linux, VxWorks, Microware OS-9, Ontime RTOS-32 and Pharlap ETS are all currently supported. Other operating systems, such as QNX or proprietary operating systems, can be ported onto the RTS Hypervisor platform by the operating system manufacturer at any time.

Communication between the operating systems is provided either by shared memory or through a virtual network.

The ability to use one low-cost embedded computer module for two independent applications can reduce system solution hardware costs by up to 50%. The standard automation control software runs on a real-time operating system – visualization and the user interface run in parallel on the same system under Windows or Linux. This allows two previously separate systems to be brought together onto one hardware platform, without a decrease in functionality or the need for software changes.

The combining of embedded computer modules with RTS Hypervisor 2.0 creates a platform that is suitable for almost all industrial applications. The seamless integration of several operating systems and applications on just one computer system reduces costs and increases flexibility.

The conga-QA computer modules have been specially developed to incorporate the latest low-power processor technology and to meet the growing demand for a small footprint. With a power consumption of less than 5 Watt and dimensions scarcely greater than those of a credit card (70x70mm), these modules are ideally suited to any application where the need to save on power or space is important.